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Notes From A Ghost Writer
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Thin Veil Investigations
25 Amazing Ghost Hunts
as featured on
"Notes From A Ghost Writer"
Some of you may not know Sandie.  Some of you may not have even met her.  
(I hope that this isn’t the case.)  
This isn’t a plug of some kind, but she’s very talented, insightful,
and full of positive energy, into a lot of very interesting things, so I thought
some of you might like to get to know her a bit, an find out what she might share with you.
Sandie is a vivacious and bubbly Sagittarian mom,
and lives in Carson City, Nevada with her teenaged daughter.  
Though she may be a Sagittarian,
she has a mature and serious side if that’s what’s necessary.
(But if serious is not required, you get the Sagittarian.)
She is also a full time free-lance (pro bono) ghost investigator, and a member
of a ghost investigation team. She’s not a “
chills and thrills bogeyman hunter,” like on TV.
She is a real Investigator; using tools of the trade as well as her psychic gifts,
and good old fashioned brain power,  she finds out what metaphysical afterlife
you have living in your home/shed/car/business/crypt (you get the picture.)
Sandie also is currently a co-host of an online (podcast) talk show, called "Notes From A Ghost Writer";
with discussions centering on the spectral otherworldly, but ranging through many metaphysical topics.

But that's not all she is...
Of course she is a real live person, so her life is full of responsibilities, fun, and…you know, people stuff!
Need Some Insight?
Sandie is a Psychic Reader, and has used Stones as her tool since 1984.
She strives to give upbeat, encouraging Readings, using over 100 different kinds of stones.
"If you are aware of the future, you can alter the outcome...
or, welcome it with open arms and enthusiasm."
Element Energy
Holistic Directory
Owner of The STUFF
an online metaphysical store
Sandie's Psychic Stones
50 Stones for Divination, Spiritual
Awareness  and Healing
Sandie was a Psychic Reader at "All Things Mystickal" for seven (WOW) years -
and had the full run of the store - has also Read at "Body, Mind and Spirit," and many other
metaphysical businesses in her 23+ years as a Reader.  
She has, and does, also Read at faires, festivals,
parties, and many other large public and private social gatherings.
Sandie also is the author of two books (with more on the way).
One of her books is on the metaphysical properties and uses of stones and gems;
The Second is a written, story form documentary of her adventures in spectral territory
with her team members of Thin Veil Investigators, a ghost hunting group.
For more info on these books,
click here.
"Ghostbusting A Good Time"
Telephone interview for the
Durham College Chronicle
February 12, 2010
Commendations for "Soul Journey"
The reincarnation of Lincoln to Lindbergh.
by Richard Salva
http://www.crystarpress.com and
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Photo Credit in "Katzengold und
Silberfisch" book for the university of
Vienna, Austria, by Dr. Robert Krickl
Blurb for book "The Ghosts of the
California Missions and C
amino Real"
by Richard Senate
Photo Credit on book front cover and
back cover blurb
of "The Yoga of
Ghost Hunting" by Richard Salva.
Spirit Sightings:
Visits From The Other Side