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Items for Sale at
Handmade Hemp Jewelry
Chakra Friendship Bracelets
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Need help finding things?
Need gift or purchase ideas?
Totem Power
Handmade Hemp Bracelets
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These handmade bracelets come with
descriptions of the symbol, and how Totem
Power, or Medicine, can aid you in your life.
Turtle, Dragonfly,
Fish, the Sun
I give only vision and options, and I strive to give  upbeat, encouraging Readings.
Psychic Readings from Sandie
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for the
Readings Page
Blessed at birth with the Gift to foresee the future, I have devised my
own intuitive visionary method using a unique Reading element; Stones.
Choker Necklaces
"Lace" Chokers
"Ellipse" Chokers
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Each 100% cotton tapestry is 72" x 108" (6 ft by 9 ft),
and can be displayed on the long or short axis.
Zodiac in Red/black
Celtic Knot
Mandala in Blue
Sun in Gold
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Song of India
India Temple Incense
Premium Incense
Scents of Midnight
Premium Incense
Escential Essences
Of the Old & New World
Also Available:
Incense Trial Package
Discover your favorite scent
with this inexpensive trial pack.
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Swift-Lite Charcoal Tablets
Swift-Lite Charcoal Tablets - click to enlarge
Charcoal tablets are great for burning loose
incense, herbs and powders.
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Lighted LED
Lighted LED Display Stand
A Mini, lighted pedestal
for any of your treasures!
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Spirit Sightings
Visits from the Other Side
Well over 100 stories, submitted by many people, who
share their True Tales of Paranormal Encounters and
Long awaited, and NOW AVAILABLE !!
Silver Ghosts
Haunted Places and
Phantom Encounters in
Northern Nevada
More than 40 stories of haunted places
in Northern Nevada towns.  Read about
the haunting of noted buildings, and of
the famous and infamous phantom
characters from the wild, wild West.
St. Charles Hotel:
A Video Journey
This twelve minute video, (recorded on
CD) is a brief documentary of some of
many findings of the ghost hunting
Thin Veil Investigators during their
explorations at the St. Charles Hotel in
Carson City, Nevada.