This entity was peering out at us when we
arrived at a private home investigation.
Carson City, NV
Mist was rising out of this grave
as we drove by it. Fortunately I
caught it on film! Genoa, Nevada
On July 2, 2006, I had my tape recorder set up
in my den to capture EVPs.  My daughter was
talking to her guy friend on the phone. He was
having a rough time, and the spiritual world
was sympathetic. In this wav file, you'll hear
my daughter stirring chocolate into her glass
of milk in the kitchen, and then a spirit says,
"He's Depressed."
Vortex Energy.
Dayton, Nevada
Noted Boy Apparition. Has been seen for many
years in this window.
Genoa, Nevada
Vapor outside of dwelling at a Ghost Hunt.
Carson City, NV
At a Ghost Hunt on August 13, 2007, I was
interviewing a spirit of the Uncle of the man
whose dwelling we were investigating. To one
of my comments, Uncle says, Thank You."
The same interview brought forth a second
EVP from Uncle. His statement was, "Ohhh."
Phantom  Face in the picture frame
Delta Saloon, Virginia City, Nevada
An apparition looking at me
through this window.
See the face hanging out at this grave marker?
Genoa Cemetery, Genoa, NV
This spirit was captured in my garage. I masked the
photo for easier viewing.      Carson City, NV
These are father and son orbs, actually.
Lone Mountain Cemetery, Carson City NV
A  spirit whistled at us. When I asked it to
whistle again, we didn't hear anything. The
recorder captured it though! I can't believe
how loud the whistle is!
“Why should their not be ghosts?” Dr. Carl Jung.
Video Editions of our Ghost Hunts:
@ Paranormal Perceptions
This EVP was captured on our
Talk Show, April 13, 2009
Another Talk Show EVP -
"Can't Hear Your Mom"
I was explaning what an EMF detector is - a gauss meter - and
a spirit made it beep in agreement as to what I was saying.
(We use the EMF detector to interview spirits also.)
A building our team have extensively investigated and
presented events.
If you have a Question on a photo you took of a possible
apparition or orb, I'd be more than happy to look at the
picture to confirm what was captured.
Now that you've seen what we find, if you are interested,
take a look at the team of
Thin Veil Investigators
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Marilyn was interviewing a spirit
named Vera. She gave us this
sign. Minden Nevada
(A still frame taken from the video.)
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Here is a video of a PHENOMENAL
paranormal event captured by Thin Veil
Investigators team member Sandie during an
investigation in an old morgue in Virginia City.
Includes exclusive content not seen anywhere else!
This entity attacked me.
Carson City,  Nevada